Totes! Totes! Totes!

Published : 12/30/2017 21:23:27
Categories : Wholesale Backpacks

Tote bags have been in fashion for years, maybe even decades, and is it really a surprise why? These bags are super fashionable in their oversized design. They feature enough space to carry around just about anything you need! I personally carry a medium sized tote with my wallet, wad of keys and key chains, Chapstick, loads of hand sanitizer, a bottle of Excedrin, a few packs of gum, a week’s worth of mail (that I should probably clear out) and a 24 oz water bottle.

While I don’t actually need all of the crud listed above, I love having the option to carry around my mess rather than littering the floor of my car. It’s so easy to grab the mail on my way out and shove anything of importance into my tote bag, which I hold close to me at all times. I love my tote bag and can’t see myself ever using a small one again.

For that reason, I recommend that anyone and everyone with a decent amount of stuff carries a tote bag. They are so cute and so functional. I’d be lost without mine.

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