New Year’s Resolutions: Sticking to a budget

Published : 01/08/2018 21:34:37
Categories : Wholesale Backpacks

Some of the top resolutions made when the year begins are to better manage a budget or money in general. A popular way to do so is to buy in bulk. When buying in bulk, while the total cost spent is higher, the product you purchase lasts longer, giving you more time between purchases. Additionally, it means that you have spent less money per individual item purchased, for example, in a case of 40 water bottles, you may spend $5 for the pack, but that works out to about $0.13 per bottle, while buying a 6-pack for $2.50 means you’ve spent nearly $0.42 per bottle.

The same can be applied to all things in bulk, not just grocery items. If you have 3 children that need notebooks for multiple classes, it’s probably cheaper to buy a pack of several notebooks instead of the same amount individually. As I said before, this means more money is spent over all at one time; however it saves you time and trips to the store and also is cheaper per individual items.

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