Family Time: Game Night?

Published : 01/16/2018 22:42:37
Categories : Wholesale Backpacks

We’re already deep into 2018 and hopefully sticking to our guns and keeping up with our resolutions. Was one of yours “spend more time with family”? Whether it was or not, everyone should work their schedules around to allow for more time for family or friend activities. These activities don’t have to involve going out, getting wild and spending money. Instead, and potentially preferably, have a solid game night in house.

Playing classic board games is the perfect way to spend a night bonding with family or friends.  It’s cheap, entertaining and has an air of nostalgia that just can’t be beat.

Whether your choice of games is virtual, card or board, there’s little that can beat getting the whole squad together to play with (or against) each other. I thoroughly enjoy hoping on my Xbox and playing just about any game with my friends, but some nights just call for hunkering down in someone’s living room and kicking each other’s butt in a chess tournament.

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